Gamification Workshop (Day 2) – Google Docs
Chris O’Brien says: Really great set of notes on day 2 of the Gamification Summit – contributed by @nitya.

Gamification gets popular, but it’s still finding its feet | VentureBeat
Chris O’Brien says: @deantak report from Day 1 of the Gamification Summit. #gsummit

The ‘game mechanics’ misnomer: Why gamifying the news is so challenging | Korr Values
Chris O’Brien says: Josh Korr clarifies terms in the world of gamification: “But I want to clarify something about the term “game mechanics,” which I think is being misused — or at least oversimplified — in the gamification discussion. Without understanding the term’s fuller context, there’s a risk of masking the challenges of gamifying the news.

Badgeville’s gamification rewards snare dozens of customers | VentureBeat

Game guru Jane McGonigal says “gamification” should make tasks hard, not easy | VentureBeat

Bunchball helps Bravo “gamify” its Top Chef All-Stars TV show | VentureBeat

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