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Gamification Workshop (Day 2) – Google Docs
Chris O’Brien says: Really great set of notes on day 2 of the Gamification Summit – contributed by @nitya.

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Notes taken by Nitya Narasimhan:

Gamification Workshop Day 2

On Friday, I returned to the Gamification Summit for Day 2, which was a workshop to provide more focused training and advice on how to develop a gamified service. The workshop was led by Amy Jo Kim, a noted game designer. I’ll post my notes from Day 1 and Day 2 over the weekend. But for now, here are her slides from Friday morning:

[slideshare id=5838005&doc=workshop-ny-101119140421-phpapp01]

The Gamification Summit on Thursday kicked off with a presentation by Wanda Meloni of M2 Research who tried to put some numbers to the growing use of game mechanics across the Web. Here’s her slides from the talk:

Today marks the official public launch of the NewstopiaVille project. To learn more, you can check out my post explaining NewstopiaVille over at the PBS IdeaLab blog.

I’ll be posting regular updates here in the coming weeks, including dispatches from the Gamification Summit on Thursday and Friday.

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